Telescope Course

Everything you need to know if you want one or your current one is getting dusty. A 1-day telescope course on Saturday (+ stargazing)!

Are you planning to buy a telescope?
Do you know what to get? What size of telescope to choose? What about the type? Eyepieces? Adaptors? Where to buy them from?
All these scary questions and many more will be discussed over our course. At the end of it, you’ll be able to walk into a telescope shop or browse the web and know exactly what’s best for your money and most importantly, for your observing conditions.

or …

You already own a telescope but
There’s no but after our course, you’ll know exactly where to start. Where to look. What to do. What’s in the sky. What should you consider if you are thinking of taking deep-sky astrophotography.
Take the giant leap, reach for the stars!

Our course runs over one day, Saturdays afternoon from 2PM to 6PM and we aim to include a stargazing session on Saturday night if the sky is clear.
We have the most amazing dark sky here in Wairarapa and we encourage everybody to look up.