Private Guided Tour

Private and group guided tours are available on any day at a time by appointment. Allow minimum of 90 minutes for your tour.

Astronomer Richard Hall, your host

Join anthropologist and astronomer Richard Hall as he takes you on a journey through thousands of years of observing the Universe.

Richard is an expert science communicator with specialisation in archaeoastronomy. The private guided tour will be covering tales from antiquity that explain the rise of civilization and the origin of many of our beliefs as well as astronomy and astrophysics.

Price for a private guided tour

Subject to confirmation. Minimum charge is $120 (would be covered by 6 adult tickets or 12 senior tickets). This means that if the ticket price of your booking does not reach $120, then you will be charged $120.

For more than the equivalent of $120, please add $20 for each adult or $15 for each senior or $5 for each school student.

Special History, Astronomy, Geology, and Ancient Myths Theme Programs are also available for private groups. This means you can choose your lecture subject, just contact us with your requests.